My Regimen

My Regimen

HAIR (Stats: Organic, Kind 4abcxyz, Mix of Moderate (mostly) and Great Strands, Normal/Low Porosity, Medium/High Density)

Weekly: Prepoo having Further Virgin mobile Coconut Fat pertaining to >8hrs subsequently clean having Wasteland Heart and soul Lemon Herbal tea Sapling Shampoo or conditioner diluted having water. Problem having ORS Replenishing Conditioner pertaining to forty five moments, when essential. Soon after rinsing, close off having the MOST RECENT Shea Butter Mixture (recipe here).

~3 weeks: Prepoo because usual subsequently undo the twists as well as hand individual completely. Braid straight into 8 pieces subsequently clean because usual. Undo as well as cover just about every portion having Tresemme Naturals (the outdated formula) OR MAYBE the Avocado Detangling Combine (recipe here) as well as hand detangle. Wash subsequently deep problem employing ORS Replenishing Conditioner. Wash subsequently airdry (70-90% of the way) within 12 large rollers. Design the tresses within twists. Regarding the disregard schedule, take a look label.

PREVIOUS REGIMEN (pre-2013, got me far in my journey):

Weekly/Biweekly: Prepoo with Additional Virgin Coconut Acrylic pertaining to >8hrs and then scrub with Sweet Fact Of lemon Teas Pine Scrub diluted with normal water. Condition with Suave Naturals Conditioner pertaining to a quarter-hour. Following rinsing, close up with our Shea Butter Mix (recipe here).

~4 several weeks: Prepoo along with scrub as common. After that deep condition employing Suave blended with Additional Virgin Coconut oil or our Avocado Detangling Blend (recipe here). Brush detangle about damp, conditioner-soaked head of hair. Wash it out and then airdry (80-90% with the way) with 8 braids. Fashion our head of hair with twists. For our pose regime, take a look tag. (If our head of hair have been flat-ironed, I detangle about dried out, lubricated head of hair prior to cleanup. )

NOTE: I never rinse out the Suave conditioner fully.  I rinse it out about 90%; the remaining 10% stays in my hair as a pseudo leave-in.

BODY (Stats: family history of diabetes, stroke, etc.):

Dietary supplements: My partner and i take One-A-Day Ladies multivitamin pill every day.

Food: My partner and i take the nicely balanced eating habits composing of mainly organic as well as 100 % natural ingredients. My partner and i furthermore mostly take whole grain as opposed to whites along with chicken/fish as opposed to crimson animal meat. My partner and i aim to get each and every supper incorporate 50% fruits/vegetables. My partner and i seldom take takeaway food, junk food, melted foods, along with canned foods.

Beverages: My partner and i mainly take in mineral water, almond milk, along with organic cranberry drink. My partner and i stay away from drink cocktails, soda pops, along with espresso. Any day time, My partner and i take in the do-it-yourself smoothie (see our smoothie recipes right here. )

Workout: My partner and i exercise (high depth, 10-30 minutes) 3-4x per week.

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